2019 Exhibitors

Exhibiting at Ticket Summit is a great opportunity to meet new customers and build new business.
To become an exhibitor, email info@ticketsummit.com

Gigsberg is a global ticket marketplace, with a focus on the core european markets.

We provide people with the opportunity to buy or sell tickets for the biggest live events in sport, music, theatre, festivals and many more.

Our technology was built from the ground up, creating a state of the art customer experience for both buyers and sellers alike.

At Gigsberg our goal is to provide high-quality customer support by an experienced team, available 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, via email, web, phone or chat.

Geosurf is a world leader in Residential and Data center proxies. We have been operating for just over 10 years in this arena. One of our largest verticals is ticket brokers and our ticket client base of over 1000 strong are benefitting from the unique proxy solution we offer.

We have built a pool of over 2 million Residential IPs spread over more than 130 Geolocations with Country, City, and State targeting.

At Geosurf we understand the ever-changing ticket world better than anyone. By using our network of residential IPs, you can reach the desired site without being blocked.

Luminati is the World’s Fastest and Largest Residential Proxy Network available.

When Purchasing Tickets Every Second Counts! Rotate through 40+ million residential proxies with country and city targeting. Forget limitations, purchase tickets using our continuously growing network.

Easily connect to Insomniac, Multlogin, Jarvee or any third-party software. Create an unlimited number of proxy pools where you choose the number of IPs within it. Benefit from FAST proxies with no restrictions on the number of concurrent connections.

With Luminati Networks and its 24/7 support in multiple languages, you can stop worrying about your proxy requirements and focus on what’s important…. your ticket business!

Reveal Markets helps brokers to scale their businesses by automating routine tasks and integrating across platforms. Reveal currently offers two products: Payloop and QuickBooks Importer. Payloop reviews the remittances from over 10 exchanges to determine which invoices you’ve been paid for and, more importantly, which you haven’t. Payloop offers a convenient portal to review all payments and adjustments and automatically updates your point-of-sale on a daily basis. The QuickBooks Importer gives brokers up-to-date financials by automatically syncing all sales and purchase activity from your point-of-sale. Reconcile your receivables and payables directly against your bank accounts in one place!

Shopper Approved is the #1 Rating and Review Company in the US.  We’re the only Review Company that helps you collect Seller, Product and Video Reviews in 1 touch.  Adding Shopper Approved to your website gives you the competitive advantage you deserve.

Founded in 1984, Stage Front has grown to be a prominent leader in the ticketing industry! Our state-of-the-art software and superior support team streamlines sellers’ options to manage, price, and deliver tickets. Stage Front’s primary focus is to handle our client’s day-to-day tasks to make things easier and to improve their quality of life.  Integrating with resale market giants, various point of sale systems, and third-party service providers, we strive for maximum efficiency and growth.  Whether you’re looking for inventory management, advance funding, specialized pricing services, or proprietary software, the Stage Front platform is sure to boost growth exponentially.

TicketFire is the go-to destination and industry leader for all ticket conversion and transfer needs. Simply take a picture of a ticket and receive a mobile or PDF version of the ticket to use, transfer, or sell. TicketFire helps users eliminate ticket shipping costs and reduce mobile transfer labor so that they can create a competitive advantage in the secondary market. Join the 2,500-plus brokers that use TicketFire today and see how you can eliminate the headache of last-minute ticketing and make more money in the process.

TicketNetwork powers the secondary ticketing market, by hosting a leading online exchange for tickets to concerts, sports, and theater events around the globe. Our innovative technology solutions, including the TicketNetwork® Point-of-Sale (POS), empower both ticket buyers and sellers. With a comprehensive selection of more than $5.5 billion in real-time ticket inventory, TicketNetwork’s extensive marketplace provides much sought-after event tickets. 

Our signature retail website, TicketNetwork.com is both Payment Card Industry (PCI) and EVSSL-certified. Founded in 2002, TicketNetwork has grown into a high-tech leader in the ticketing industry. We take pride in bringing the experiences of a lifetime to our customers by providing a wide variety of broker, marketing, and other technology solutions.

Broker Genius is the leading dynamic auto pricing and analytics company in the secondary ticket market.

In 2013, we pioneered dynamic auto pricing to ensure your tickets are continuously priced to the market based on real-time data. As the market evolved to where data is critical to compete, we added a suite of analytics products that give our customers a competitive edge.  Broker Genius believes that the broker is the expert. Our mission is to empower you with automation and analytics to help unlock all the potential in your business.

StubTabs is a multi-session browsing service that allows users to separate each tab of the browser into a new unique browser and IP address*. StubTabs offers many features including cookie cleaning, timers, tab duplication, and proxy services. You can learn more and sign up at stubtabs.com.
*Separate IP per tab will require a proxy package.

1Ticket provides the best in broker automation: cutting edge technology to manage and sell your inventory on every available platform. Our automatic transfer service provides the most secure way to prevent denied entries. More brokers use 1Ticket than any other service provider.

We’ve been around since 2010 – come to our booth for a demo, free trial, and the most comfortable T-shirt you’ll ever wear!

Worldpay is the #1 global acquirer based on transaction volume, according to Nilson, and has the unique capability to power global integrated omni-commerce, advancing the ways the world pays. Annually, Worldpay processes over 40 billion transactions through more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies.

SeatGeek is the leading mobile-focused ticket platform that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for sports, concert and theater events.

AutoProcessor is the world’s most comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive inventory distribution software solution and was launched in 2011. Initially developed by Dominic Laico to deliver efficiency in an otherwise inefficient ticketing industry, AutoProcessor has continually grown and evolved over the past 5+ years.

AutoProcessor employs over 20 team members with various responsibilities ranging from development, support, event/venue mapping, servicing, sales and executive management. With continual development and growth as a company, AutoProcessor now boasts six different platforms to ensure that there is a solution for any inventory distribution need.

The Toolbox by Ticket Flipping offers a variety of helpful software tools for Ticket Brokers. We focus on building tools around the distributor to streamline the buying and selling process. The Toolbox Chrome Plugin integrates directly into the major primary and secondary marketplaces to help you get the information you need quickly and accurately to help you make informed decisions. Our goal at Ticketflipping is to provide brokers with everything they need to ease and speed up the process of finding and reselling tickets.