Adam Young

CEO & Founder, Event Tickets Center

Adam Young, CEO & Founder, Event Tickets Center

CEO & Founder Adam Young launched in 2005 with a $100 investment. Twelve years later, Event Tickets Center has served more than 1 million customers and today handles 9-figure annual sales revenue.

Young and his team have become experts at using PPC marketing to grow in an ultra-competitive industry. By developing pioneering approaches in those early days they learned when and where people want to buy tickets and how to get in front of them at that exact moment. Constant testing and iteration along the way identified holes where things do and do not work, allowing them scale their growth efficiently and effectively.

Young began his career as an accountant in the manufacturing industry before starting his first business doing enterprise resource planning prior to Y2K. He entered the pay-per-click advertising space in 2003, building a one-page website to drive sales leads for a home security business and eventually working for some of the largest companies in the industry.