Brian Garland

Ticket Attendant | Founder

Brian Garland, Founder - Ticket Attendant

Brian Garland started in the ticket industry in 2002. His background led him to start automating many of the monotonous time consuming processes he saw in his company. After years of using the software privately between a few close affiliate companies, he decided to bring Ticket Attendant to market in 2012.

Ticket Attendant’s goals have always been to reduce human error and the time brokers have to spend on tedious work. Initially, this included: invoicing vendor orders, creating purchase orders, and downloading tickets. As it’s grown, it now offers statistical tools for inventory, access to historical data, and even a mobile app. Ticket Attendant is compatible with all major POS. Our clients are able to buy more tickets with less overhead and operate efficiently.

When not working on Ticket Attendant, Brian enjoys spending time with his children, attending live events and travelling.