Michael Garvie

CEO, Prolific1

Michael Garvie Prolific1

Mike Garvie is currently the CEO for Prolific 1, one of the largest secondary-market ticket distribution companies in the United States. With over $250MM in sales revenue and 3MM tickets sold in 2019, Prolific 1 helps content and rights holders create custom strategies around ticket distribution and pricing to achieve their attendance and revenue goals. During his fourteen-year tenure, the company has grown dramatically through established partnerships with teams across the NHL, NBA, MLS, NFL, MLB, college athletics and other entertainment rights-holders including venues, promoters and artists.

Though Mike’s guidance, Prolific 1 leads the industry with trusted inventory distribution and real-time data and analytics available to primary rights-holders. Over the past 18 months, his expertise and insight put the company at the forefront of providing solutions for pod-based seating and reduced-capacity events. In 2021, Prolific 1 has enjoyed tremendous growth as the entertainment industry continues to rebound post-pandemic, while content and rights holders transition back to full capacity events.

Mike is a 1999 graduate of Johns Hopkins University and a 2002 Graduate of the University of Connecticut Sports Administration Program.