Sam Sherman

Founder & CEO, Broker Genius

Sam Sherman CEO, Broker Genius

Sam Sherman is the CEO and Founder of Broker Genius. After he began selling tickets in 2012, Sam envisioned an automated ticket marketplace that would mirror other commodity markets. 

The first product Broker Genius introduced was the Auto Pricer in 2013. This revolutionary dynamic pricing technology helped automate a brokers’ individual pricing strategy. His company continued the tradition of innovation by creating the first managed service pricing program in 2015 and releasing a brand new version of the product called UpTick in 2018. 

Most recently, Sam led the merger between Broker Genius with Seat Scouts in 2020. As a result, Broker Genius is proud to offer ticket resellers the most modern processing platform, Sync, as part of our best-in-class suite of automation and data tools.